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Happy People

Why Choose Pleasantview Care Center?

At Pleasantview Care Center, we always go the extra mile to make life as normal as possible. Because many of our residents cannot get out into the community as often as they would like, we try to bring the community to them through events such as children's parties, bake sales, educational events and visits from groups and organizations. Monthly Activities

Pleasantview Care Center achieves CMS FIVE STAR Rating!


Pleasantview Staff

We try to get outdoors as much as possible. Betty and Lea have just planted a flower to brighten up her room.
Family members often join in the fun. Pat's daughter is a regular visitor on her way home from work.

When we ask our residents or their families what they like best about Pleasantview, the answer is almost always our amazing staff and the wonderful things they have done for them to make Pleasantview such a wonderful place to stay.


Here are a few of the things that make our staff so great
  • Our staff to resident ratio is much better than the state standard. At Pleasantview, our rehab units boast a staff to resident ratio of 8 residents per STNA. The state standard is 15 residents per STNA.
  • Almost all of our staff are employed by Pleasantview Care Center -not an employment agency.
  • The turn over rate at Pleasantview is very low - some have been here for over 35 years!
  • When we ask our staff what they like most about working at Pleasantview, it's almost always about how much they like helping others and making it possible for our residents to enjoy life to it's fullest.
  • The Ohio Department of Aging has rated Pleasantview and Legacy place above the statewide average in their annual Long Term Care Survey.


It's all about happy faces

At Pleasantview Care Center, our goal is to make sure our residents are happy and look forward to every day. Whenever possible, we try to spend time outside, when it's nasty outside, we plan special events inside.

Helping our residents with getting dressed each morning is a priority - everyone smiles when someone compliments on a new sweater or a pretty flower in their hair.


Have bus will travel

Every loves a road trip and our comfortable bus makes it easy for everyone to join in the fun. In addition to our dedicated staff, we often have friends, family or volunteers joining us.


Trip to Huntington Beach, Bay Village

A bright sunny day, warm breezes and the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers cooking on an open grill. It doesn't get much better than this!

Some people like to just sit and soak up the beauty of the lake and the beach. Others prefer a rowdy game of beach ball toss. Helena gets help toasting a marshmallow for a yummy 'smore.
BFFs - Millie, Evy and Tonya wait for the burgers to be served. John wasn't going to wait for the watermelon. Frances and Beverly enjoying an absolutely perfect day!


If you would like to become a volunteer, please contact Kristine Leonard, Director of Activities and Volunteers at 440-887-4236.

Thanks to Kris for these AWESOME pictures!