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Why Choose Pleasantview Care Center?

Long term, caring staff. One of the main reasons people choose Pleasantview Care Center is because of the excellent reputation of our dedicated, long term staff. All of our employees, from our housekeepers to our therapy team, are employed by Pleasantview - not through an employment agency.

Pleasantview Care Center achieves CMS FIVE STAR Rating!


Person Centered Care

Nursing home resident sharing album with staffPerson Centered Care is about finding a dignified and kind way to meet the individual needs and wishes of our residents and their families.

Pleasantview Care Center encourages residents to make decisions based on what they want to do and when they want to do it. For instance, some residents like to wake early and eat breakfast as soon as they get up. Others may want to sleep in, have a cup of coffee when they wake and eat breakfast later.

Our residents enjoy having the same, long term care givers.

At Pleasantview Care Center we make it a priority to provide our residents with the same care givers and staff on a day to day basis. Most of our staff has been with us for many years and many have formed long and lasting bonds with our residents and their families.

We strive to establish familiar everyday routines.

Everyone has their own way of doing things and our nursing assistants go out of their way to help residents continue their life long routines. Residents can decide where they want to dine and what they want to eat, when they prefer to sleep and when they want to rise.

We offer many activities and residents are free to decide what they want to do throughout the day. Members of our Social Services and Activities Departments visit residents regularly to adjust daily routines and personal care to the resident’s wishes. Friends and family are encouraged to visit and join in whenever they can.

We try hard to provide a pleasurable, home like ambiance

We've limited overhead paging to 'emergency only paging' which has significantly contributed to resident satisfaction and a more home like ambiance. Cozy sitting areas provide comfortable spots to visit with friends and family.

To learn more, please contact our social workers for more information about person-centered care and any special needs or wishes of a resident.


Live, Laugh, Love! We do our best to make every day the best. If we can't go to game, we'll bring the game to us. Horses are always fun! Luckily we have a great group of volunteers that bring them to us.
Our great bus makes it possible to enjoy so many more outings. Front row seats at Browns training camp - very nice! Often it's the simple things that are the most comforting, like tending your own garden.