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Happy People

Why Choose Pleasantview Care Center?

There's always something going on at Pleasantview. Whether it's taking a morning drive to spot the first tulips of spring or a shopping trip and lunch - our goal is to plan everyday events that include weekly favorites as well as new and exciting adventures.


Friendly People and Activities

At Pleasantview, each month offers a wide variety of programs, trips and special activities. Our specially equipped bus and trained personnel make it possible for our residents to safely and comfortably join in the fun. Our goal is to make Pleasantview a place to call home with friendly people and the opportunity to enjoy each and every day.

Woman boarding Pleasantview Care Center bus for trip to zoo

Family photo day

Happy 2016

Holiday Activities

Holiday gift ideas for seniors

Meet our residents


I can't believe how easy it is for me to get out and enjoy things again. Our beautiful bus and wonderful staff make our adventures so much fun! It's wonderful how friendly people are no matter where we go. This lovely couple stopped to let us all ooh and aah their beautiful miniature collie.

Family Photo Day

Our very talented Activities Director, Kris Leonard, started a new tradition several year ago call Family Photo Day. Residents can have their pictures taken with their families, by themselves or with a special friend. Kris takes the pictures and develops them on the spot - as many copies as they want. This year they could also choose a button or a magnet keepsake of the photo. Needless to say, it is always a big hit and great fun for all of the families and friends of our residents. Thank you Kris for these awesome pictures!

Alice was happy to have so many generations represented in this family photo - including the family dog! Irene always has a beautiful smile on her face. We love seeing her light up the room. There's no denying the family resemblance of Alice and her sister.


2016 Happy New Years!

New Years eve at Legacy and Pleasantview is always a happy time. As usual, our residents enjoyed a yummy selection of appetizers and bottles of sparkling juice. A good time was had by all!

Oh to have skin this beautiful! Mary, you are gorgeous! Terry's always up for a good time - you can tell by the devil in her eye. Hmmm . . Veronica likes to look everything over before making a choice.


Holiday activities

The friendly activities staff at Pleasantview goes all out for holidays. Our goal is to make each and every resident enjoy the special warmth and excitement the holiday seasons bring.

Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked goodies. Today's project was a yummy coffee cake - one of Linda's favorites. Later it was craft time. Anna was working intently on a special Christmas ornament. Francis always has a smile on her face - today she's showing off her newly completed Christmas star. Pleasantview encourages family to visit whenever they can. Eva's daughter often stops for a quick visit on her way home from work.

Holiday gift ideas for seniors

  • A bedspread or afghan from home, perhaps hand-made by a family member
  • Roomy cotton, jersey or fleece clothing that is easy to put on - snaps, Velcro closures and elastic waistbands are a good choice.
  • Washable cardigan sweaters (no wool)
  • Jewelry – necklaces, earrings bracelets, etc.
  • Decorative or seasonal headbands - or clip-on flowers for the hair
  • Cleveland sports tee-shirts and sports trading cards
  •  Word games, board games, puzzles, etc.
  • Easy to Read items – large print books, magazines, playing cards, puzzle books, etc.
  • Personal CD Players with headphones
  • Stuffed animals - especially dogs, teddy bears, and cats
  • Music – some of the most enjoyed CD’s  are church music, big band/swing, polka, and sing-alongs
  • 'Gel Gems' – window and mirror decorations
  • Scented hand lotions, creams, flavored lip balms, shower gel, etc.
  • Decorations that can be put on a walker or wheelchair 
  • GIFT CARDS Some of our residents enjoy shopping trips to local stores and restaurants. Gift cards to The Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart and Target are always welcome and among the favorites. 

Please label all gifts of clothing with the resident’s name using a permanent marker -unmarked clothing is easily lost in the laundry.


A quick trip around Pleasantview Care Center to meet our residents

A couple of days ago, we took a trip around Pleasantview just to talk to people and see what was going on that day. Below are a few of the pictures we took.

Joyce is always busy. She is the morning and evening activities announcer, calls bingo on weekends and runs a beading class with another resident. I love that she always seems to have a flower in her hair. Ginny, president of resident council is a very active resident at Pleasantview. Pat (pushing the wheelchair) is a favorite staff member. I don't know where they were going but they looked very happy about it. Apple is always a bundle of fun and ready to go on an excursion or special event. In her spare time, which isn't much, she serves as vice president of resident council.

Monthly Spiritual Activities

Residents from Legacy Place, Pleasantview and guests are welcome to come for any services. Special occasion services will be posted in the monthly calendars. For further information contact Activities at 440-887-4236.

Pleasantview Care Center - Quiet Room

  • First Monday of the month - Mass with Holy Family Church 2:00
  • Every Tuesday - Rosary Prayer - 10:00
  • Every Friday - Rosary & Communion with Holy Family Church - 10:00
  • First Sunday of the month - Divinity Lutheran Church - 2:00
  • Second Sunday of the month - Bethany Lutheran Church - 1:30
  • Third Sunday of the month - Bethany Assembly of God with Pastor Michael Strange
  • Second & fourth Saturday of the Month - Bible Study with Brother Ralph


Legacy Place Assisted Living - Parlor

  • Every Sunday -Rosary and Holy Communion - St Charles Borromeo Church - 9:30
  • Every third Sunday - Baptist Light House Church - 2:00